Personal privacy (GDPR)

How do we process your personal information?
When you shop from an online store, ours or someone else's, you give up information about yourself. Where you live, what e-mail address you have, in some cases your social security number and what products you buy. Some of our customers wonder what we do with the information and here we describe a little more formally how we work with information.

Summary of our information management
We collect as little information as possible. We need to know where you live in order to send the products to your home. If you order for your job or summer place, we don't even need to know where you live.

In some cases, we hand over the invoice to Eurofinans. This will then be announced.

Then, of course, we need to know which products you order and we need your email address to be able to contact you with delivery notices, changed information, etc.

Here comes a more detailed description.

Which systems do your data end up in?
When you shop with us, your order goes through several steps so that we can process and send your goods to you.

We use a system for our e-commerce called woocommerce. It is a database where our products, our pages with text and everything else (including this page) you see in the webshop are collected. When you place an order , you do so in the Worldpress/Woocommerce system.

Your order then ends up in a database at Worldpress/Woocommerce that we have access to.
The order contains information about which products you bought from us, how you paid and the address to which we will send the goods.

Depending on whether we hand over the invoice, an external payment intermediary will receive information about your purchase.

If you have questions about how Eurofinans processes your information, you must contact the payment intermediary and Swish your bank.

When your order has gone through, it is sent to our business system. We use a separate business system to link inventory, accounting and logistics. Only we and Fortnox's technicians and customer representatives have access to the system and no one processes your data except us. In Fortnox, your data is stored
for technical accounting reasons and so that we can handle any complaints, returns, etc.

Your customer emails
We use One e-mail server for our e-mails.

How do we use the information we receive from you?
We use the information to process your order. We use your email address to be able to send you information. If you do not want information from us, you can easily unsubscribe from information letters via a link in the information email and will then never be contacted by us again.

Why do we save information?
We save information for technical accounting reasons. We need to be able to report data for the tax authority. You can create an account at and see your previous orders.

HJ Custom Composite AB, HJ Custom Composite Materials AB and HJ Custom Composite Production AB ( use Google's advertising services. You can read more about Google's collection, sharing and use of data here.

We use cookies. We do this in order to be able to store your goods in your shopping basket.

We also use Google's services "Google Analytics" and "Google Remarketing". These services also use cookies. Here you can read more about what it means for you.

Information to other actors
We never give your information to anyone else. Exceptions are made if for some reason we are forced by law or court order.

Remove your information from our database
The information we save only exists as a basis for the financial transaction and is kept for legal reasons and therefore cannot be deleted.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.